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Advantages of Treatment - Volga Center of Tomotherapy

Advantages of Treatment

Advantages of Treatment in Russia, at the Volga Center of Tomotherapy “Saknur”

  • Our center is equipped with TomoTherapyTomoHD, the best available equipment for radiation therapy which allows to significantly improve the quality and life expectancy of patients.
  • We have highly qualified physicians with a vast practical experience in oncology, radiology and neurosurgery. The newest technologies are used in the treatment of tumors with the help of radiotherapy.
  • Well-coordinated work of physicians, medical physicists and medical operators ensures high quality of radiotherapy. Our specialists have received training and professional development in the country of the equipment manufacturer.
  • Comfortable organization of the treatment process. The patient comes for treatment by the appointed time. During treatment, the patient is surrounded by attention and care.
  • Loyalty of prices provided by services for treatment with the TomoTherapyTomoHD system. The cost is at least 4 times lower than for similar treatment in the US, Germany, Israel.
  • There is an opportunity to receive “the second expert opinion” in leading medical centers in the US, Turkey and Europe.
  • Transportation costs and payment for accommodation are relatively lower than in other countries. Non-resident patients are provided with free transfer services (meeting at the airport or at the railway station), as well as free accommodation at the rest home of the Republican Clinical Oncology Dispensary of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Tatarstan.
  • Treatment in the third capital of Russia — in Kazan — the center of historical and cultural heritage, in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Organization of excursion programs.
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