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Volga Center of Tomotherapy - Created to heal
Лучевая терапия на уровне мировых стандартов

Volga Сenter of Tomotherapy» Saknur «is unique medical institution for Kazan and Tatarstan, which specializes in radiotherapy. The Center was established in 2017 by the public-private partnership with the support of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan, with the purpose of making advanced achievements in the field of cancer treatment accessible to citizens.

The main instrument of our clinic is the innovative TomoTherapy HD device manufactured by Accuray (USA), which allows to use effectively all the latest achievements in the field of radiation therapy for the treatment of a wide variety of types and forms of malignant and benign tumors both for residents of Tatarstan and for patients from other regions.

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Tomotherapy is a new standard in the treatment of cancer, based on the use of helical radiation therapy. Radiation is conducted with the help of the unique TomoTherapy HD system, which combines a computer tomograph and a linear electron accelerator.

The equipment we use allows us to treat neoplasms of various localizations. One of the main advantages of this device is the possibility of irradiation of extended tumors, as well as simultaneous irradiation of several tumors without re-laying the patient and docking of irradiation fields. The possibilities of classical linear accelerators are limited by the size of the irradiation field (40×40 cm). But thanks to a unique design and innovative technology, the TomoTherapyHD system makes it possible to form an irradiation field of 40×135 cm. This is extremely important, since when docking the irradiation fields there is a probability of under-exposure or overexposure of the tumor in the docking area. Both variants are undesirable, because the first can lead to a tumor recurrence, and the second ― to radiation complications. The position of the tumor in the body of the patient is constantly monitored by means of CT scanning for the most accurate delivery of the therapeutic dose.

The duration and cost of the radiation therapy course are determined individually for each patient, in accordance with the world standards of treatment.

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Помните, важна ранняя диагностика. На ранних стадиях излечивается до 90% случаев рака
Не секрет, что далеко не все расходы по лечению онкозаболеваний покрываются полисами ОМС. Часто на выручку приходят так называемые «квоты» — финансирование высокотехнологичной медицинской помощи напрямую от государства.
Эльвира, г. Казань
24 октября 2017
Владислав Николаевич, г. Набережные Челны
24 октября 2017
9 ноября 2017 года ПЦТ «Сакнур» посетил Епископ Казанско-Вятской Епархии Русской Православной старообрядческой церкви Преосвященный Евфимий

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Paid radiation therapy

In the Volga Center of Tomotherapy “Saknur” you can take a course of radiotherapy for a fee, as well as get high-quality medical assistance within the framework of the state guarantees programme.

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Our center employs only highly qualified specialists with more than 10 years of professional experience. They provide comprehensive care for patients, provide counseling on treatment matters, determine the possibility and need for radiotherapy, individually develop a treatment program and do everything possible to improve the effectiveness of the course.

“Saknur”: Created to heal!

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